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Doing the Walk Yourself: What to Take

It's absolutely vital to make sure you take the right equipment on a long walk like Land's End to John o'Groats; if you get it wrong, it could mean the end of your trip. I got it wrong when I set off from Land's End with 17kg on my back, and although I managed to walk the distance convincingly for a couple of weeks, my body finally gave up and I injured a tendon in my right foot. The solution? I had to dump as much gear as I could, so I boxed up all my camping gear and chucked out anything that wasn't completely essential, and managed to bring the pack down to a much more respectable 8.5kg.





Medical and Toiletries

What I Sent Home

When I had to shed weight from my pack, I ditched the following and cut out any luxuries (so I carried less emergency food and only as much water as I needed). I would suggest that when it comes to carrying a pack this sort of distance, less is more... but it's your walk and your back that has to carry everything, so take what you want. You can always post it home later.

And last, but not least, don't forget to pack your smile. It makes walking so much easier...