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Contact Me: Site Testimonials

People have been so complimentary about my website that I felt compelled to compile some of the more wonderful comments, just so I could say a big public 'thank you' to everyone who's sent me an email about this site. I really appreciate your kind words, and I'm just glad you enjoyed my jottings. If you'd like to comment on my site, I'd be delighted if you would take a moment to contact me.

Thoroughly enjoyed reading your book on my new Kindle – I feel like I've walked the whole way with you, minus the blisters!
Simon C
Just finished your book, Mark, and I found it quite hard to put it down once I had started. I have just downloaded all your other books to my Kindle and can now start to read your other travels. Amazing, loved every bit of the book.
Mark F
Let me congratulate you on your eBook for the LEJOG walk, it is outstanding! I truly enjoyed listening to it! I highly recommend that people read the eBook like a regular book from start to finish, it is a great tale!
Peter K
I came across your website by accident (as you do). It's like a good book, you can't put it down.
Frank W
Thanks for a great website. Planning the walk for next year when I retire, and your account has been very useful. Found the content and the way you write very honest. You're spot on about mental application, you might be fit enough to do it, but you've got to want to. Also very impressed by your eBook section, have enjoyed reading about your other walks.
John T
I got onto your web page by accident and read your entire journey cover to cover in a couple of days. Totally fascinating, very amusing. Your qualities of tenacity, sense of humour and ability to conquer pain are clearly what got you through.
Howard J
[I've] been looking for info on the route, daily walking distance, times, etc. etc. Mostly the information I come across is pretty useless, but yours is excellent - it's most certainly the best!! And I've been 'taking copious notes'...
Pete S
I am planning to do LEJOG next year starting in April. Your comments and tips have been very useful for my planning and preparation. Hope I can complete it too.
John T
Your website is great, Mark, and a credit to your obvious thoroughness. I hope you manage to encourage lots of people to undertake this fantastic journey, and if not the 'big walk' then maybe a foray into the countryside. It is a certain cure for a jaded outlook.
Marilyn S
[Your book] was very readable and presented a clear picture of the areas you walked through. You've definitely inspired me to walk at least parts of your route such as the Severn Valley. You confirmed my misgivings about the Pennine Way, I won't be hitting that part of the trail. I also enjoyed your observations about towns, villages, pubs and people encountered en route. All in all, a very worthwhile read.
David M
Superb site – really well presented and laid out, and full of information. A great job!
Kevin P
I plan on walking from Lands end to John o'Groats next year and would like to thank you for producing such a comprehensive site.
Paul N
I am a student teacher and am teaching about travel writing to some year 8's. This resource is just fantastic. Thankyou for being so enthusiastic about travelling and revealing your passion in such a constructive way!
Jenny S
It has been a pleasure to read about your End to End walk. I'm planning to walk the 2400 km to Santiago de Compostela along the northern route (I cycled it 14 years ago) and a lot of your experiences I will take in serious account when planning the trip. Thanks for sharing.
Leen K
Your website is so helpful! I have been wanting to walk the journey ever since I was a little girl, it's been a life-long dream... and thanks to you, I know everything there is to know about the walk. Thank you so much for all the helpful info.
A friend and I will be commencing the walk on and I have stumbled across your site while researching. I have found your site to be the most informative of all sites I have come across, covering most of my concerns, i.e. costs and time scales etc. It sounds like you really did enjoy your adventure and I know we will too. Thank you for the help!
Huw J

Thanks, everyone, for your comments, nice or otherwise. I really appreciate them; it makes all the effort worthwhile.