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About this Site: Using My Content on Your Site

I get quite a few requests from people asking whether they can use my writing and images in their own websites. I'm happy to consider granting permission to anyone who asks, but you should read this page first to see whether you meet the criteria below. If you do, you can use a small amount of my content for free and without having to ask, which makes life easier for everyone.

Using My Content Without Having to Ask

I'm happy for people to use small amounts of my content on their own websites without having to obtain permission. All I ask is that all the following criteria are met:

  1. Your site must be non-commercial, by which I mean it does not generate income (or attempt to generate income).

  2. You must use the content exactly as it is on my website. In the case of images this means using them at the same sizes as on my site; in the case of articles this means using the text unedited. Please make a copy of the content on your own server, to avoid slowing down my website.

  3. You must credit me as the copyright owner for the content. The credit must be alongside the content itself. For articles this should take the form of a credit at the beginning of the article; for images, you should add a credit as close to the image as possible. If your site has a copyright page, then please also add a copyright notice to cover the content you're publishing. If you're stuck for wording, try something like: 'Photos of Alang copyright © Mark Moxon, published with permission.'

  4. You must include a link to my home page,, or a link to another, more appropriate page on my site. If you are reproducing whole articles, then the link must be at the beginning of each article; if you are reproducing images on their own, then I would prefer you to include the link on the same pages as the images, but if this is not possible, you can include the link in another, more suitable part of your site (such as a copyright page or a site credits page).

  5. Once you have published my content on your site, you must contact me with a message containing URLs to the relevant pages. This is only so I can take a look.

If you are able to meet all the above criteria, then I automatically grant you permission to publish the following on your site:

Please note that, as the copyright holder, I reserve the right to ask you to remove my content from your site, at any time and for any reason (though this is only going to happen if something awful happens). That's it – I hope you find this useful.

Granting Permission for Other Requests

If the above criteria do not apply, or you'd like to use my content in a project other than a website, then please contact me and I'll do my best to get back to you as quickly as I can. I'm very happy to consider commercial requests, or requests for tailored content, so please drop me a line. If you include an email address in your message, I'll get back to you that way.