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Tregolls Farm to St Breward

The Old Inn, St Breward
The Old Inn, St Breward

What a lovely day's walk this should have been, and once I've managed to filter out all the pain from the memories, I'll look back on it with fondness. From Tregolls Farm I weaved a short distance along the lanes before joining the Camel Trail at Boscarne, which took me to within a mile or so of my destination, St Breward. 11.5 miles is just the right length for an easy day's walk, but not with the blisters I got from yesterday's idiocy. I should have been delighted to set off on the easy walk to St Breward; unfortunately I wasn't.

Mark taking a break on the Camel Trail near Poley's Bridge
Taking a well-earned break on the Camel Trail near Poley's Bridge
The River Camel near Poley's Bridge
The River Camel bubbling along near Poley's Bridge
Sunset from Tarny B&B
The sunset from Tarny B&B is beautiful

Too often the gentle evolution of our special villages and their lifestyles, the very heart of the British countryside, have turned into a current of modern mediocrity bringing with it a flash flood of incongruous change and expansion. The true unique nature of these settlements must be really appreciated if they are to survive, not as living, bucolic museums but as dynamic entities, able to grow at a pace which enhances and does not dilute or hide their real character.

It might sound like the ruminations of a retired marketing executive, but under the flowery prose there's a valid point. St Breward really is a gorgeous place; I'm going to enjoy taking a rest day here.